Document Review and Change Log

By Olympia, Washington Chapter

Format: Log

This template is used when project artifacts are reviewed by a review team and certain changes are being requested. The project manager will do the following:

  1. Acquire draft documentation from the author/creator.
  2. Determine what members of the project team will need to review; include the author/creator.
  3. Schedule review meeting and review team, and pre-send the document(s) that will be reviewed. 
  4. Review date:  Review each document(s) with the review team and use this log for each document(s).  Document any decisions/issues related to content changes so that they are tracked.
  5. Author/creator updates the draft documentation for final review and then asks for final approval.
  6. If approved, document is stored in Project folder until ready to transfer to gold source or needed for training.
  7. If not approved, same process revisited.

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