Risk Register Template


Format: Evaluation Assessment

What impact could potential risks have on your project? Help determine your risk score and response strategy using this Excel register, which takes into account values for probability, schedule, cost and safety.

Here is an overview of the instructions for use:

First Part:
The risk event is given an ID and title, and identified as a threat or an opportunity. Then qualitative risk analysis is done by identifying the probability (likelihood) of the risk to occur. Then the impact on time, cost and safety is selected. Furthermore, the risk score is deducted based on the inputs chosen for probability and impact in accordance with the risk matrix.

Second Part:
Risk response is identified, along with action to be taken, the expected cost of the proposed action, the owner of the response and a description of the action.

Third Part:
Risk cause and effect will be documented. Risk status is updated and start/finish of risk event is mentioned.

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