Project Management

Daily Construction Record and Weekly Dashboard


Format: Report

This template is an Excel sheet with a pivot table utility report that retrieves data from data tables. By keeping a record of construction project data and information on data tables—and by using pivot tables—we can get back many forms and dashboards, such as a daily and weekly construction report. This zip file contains a sample record and a blank record.

  1. From the data tables pages, fill out the project data and various logs as it occurs.
  2. Go to the daily report page tab and select the fields of the inserted pivot tables that you want show in the daily report, and select the report date from the date field.
  3. Format the report and hide unnecessary cells and rows; prepare it for printing.
  4. Go to the weekly report page and select the fields of the inserted pivot tables that you want show in the weekly report; the pivot table will retrieve info from the data table without repeating and will summarize automatically.
  5. Prepare the format report for printing.
  6. Now we have all project data stored in data tables, which we can use and reprocess by inserting pivot tables and pivot charts to show information in reports.  

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