Project Management

Portfolio Heat Map Template

By Yaniv Levi Tzedek

Format: Presentation / Report

This heat map chart gives you the ability to visually indicate your portfolio status to stakeholders. It's up to you to decide what the axes titles are and also the bubble sizes; you can display risks or any other data. You have 3 optional bubble colors (according to the the X-axis multiplied by the Y-axis) with the following mapping:

  • Green: up to 9
  • Yellow: 10 to 19
  • Red: 20 to 25

You have 2 tables:

  1. A table where you log your data (projects/risks)
  2. A table that summarizes the logged data and decides which color to provide the bubble. You can change the formulas in this table to change the definition of colors according to X*Y.

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