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Environmental Check: Suitability Assessment for Citizen Development (Part 3 of 3)


Format: Evaluation Assessment

The Suitability Assessment is one process that falls under the Project Delivery component of the Citizen Development Canvas. During the Suitability Assessment process, the Citizen Developer and team assess if citizen development is a viable solution for a project.

In this series, we will do a deep-dive into the three Suitability Assessment tools:

  1. Suitability Scorecard
  2. Risk/Technical Grid (part of the Spot Assessment)
  3. Environmental Check

This download is useful for anyone who is involved in a citizen development project, in particular Citizen Developers, project initiators and team members.

Our free guide on the Environmental Check will walk you through the main steps you will need to undertake in order to assess how your project will operate in its environment.

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