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Best Practices for a Sea Level Rise Study
Hi All,
I am a PMP, PMI-ACP who is actively involved in local affairs. I have recently attended a webinar hosted by the Tampa City Planning Department. The webinar was on behalf of the Florida Center for Community Design and Research, where they had a kickoff meeting on November 24, 2020 with regard to a Sea Level Rise Study.

They are looking for the following:
(1) Existing studies or successful projects that have addressed a Sea Level Rise Study.
(2) Best Practices for such a project.

They plan to have 2 more public meeting workshops in early 2021. Any help, ideas that this community can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Nick Tufaro
CEO, Tufaro Information Systems
Riverview, FL, USA
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The YouTube video for this 30 minute meeting, including slide show, can be viewed at:
I believe several were done in Majuro in the Marshall Islands. The island which is home to a very unique culture is gradually going under water.
If anyone is interested in attending this meeting January 12 from 9AM-12Noon EST, please let me know.

"Sea Level Rise and the impact on development regulations"
There is a lot of information about sea level rising in

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