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'Citizen Developer' Classes and Training
I am interested in learning more about how 'Citizen Developer' training is taught and administered. What are the steps to take for registering to take a course in this methodology with PMI or another organization that teaches these skills?
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Hello Michael -

Thanks for your question. Have you reviewed the various resources and courses at the following page We also have a dedicated CD community right here on at with various articles, conversation videos and webinars that may assist in your journey. Much luck to you!
Thank you, Kimberly. I found some good resources on this site, as well. The 'Citizen Developer' handbook is one of them. I plan to look into these resources and those on the PMI website as time allows.

The self-paced courses that PMI released for the Citizen Development Foundation and Practitioner are very well structured and comprehensive so by going through the courses, you will be able to have a good understanding of the concepts.

I suggest you start with the foundation course then the practitioner. You can find some info on the courses in my blog, below are the links:

CD General:

CD Foundation:

CD Practitioner:

Hope this helps. If you have any questions or require any assistance in registering let me know and I can provide you with the registration links.

Good Luck with your CD Journey.

Thank you, Rami for those suggestions you mention.
You're Welcome Michael

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