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Looking for suggestion to manage for onsite manager who visits offsite
Hi Experts,

Currently my reporting left the organization and our onsite leadership team is visiting our office, as a interim manager i am trying to prepare the schedule in the spreadsheet which i have never done it earlier.

Can anyone please help me with the suggestion on this and if anyone can share some sample spreadsheet template that shows the schedule we can share with the onsite managers
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Shaik -

Can you clarify your question as I'm not sure I understand what the connection to project management is? What is the scope of the leadership team visit?

Answering to this question requires a lot of time and information.
With the minimal information provided and assuming that this is project related I would suggest Microsoft Project. Easily available and relatively simple for beginners. You should be able to build a simplistic schedule with bar chart presentation in a couple hours, maybe a day.
If I understand the question correctly, your manager previously updated the schedule, your manager left, and you must now update the schedule yourself.

Schedules come in all types and sizes so a template from other projects is very unlikely to help you other than perhaps formatting ideas. I would suggest you look at previous schedules produced by your former manager as your guide.

You must either A) figure out where the data comes from and how the spreadsheet works by selecting individual cells and charts looking for links and formulas, or B) you need to create a similar format and create new links and formulas so that you yourself understand how they work. Otherwise you are simply entering data without knowing if your outputs are correct.

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