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Connect with PMI Standards group
Anyone know how to connect with the PMI Standards Group? I sent a note through to them (via the email address listed for them [email protected]) several weeks ago but hadn't heard anything back. Thought I would try this as an alternate path to connect with them.

Any assistance (or anyone connected to or within the Standards Group who upon seeing this would reach out to me directly) would be greatly appreciated.


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there is staff and there are volunteers working on standards.
And there is a feedback venue for standards, at the bottom of this page.

To explore further, you may try to contact the people listed here as standards influencers:

And you could set an alert in VRMS to know if the SIT (Standards Insights Team) is looking for new volunteers.

Reece -

One approach might be to contact the lead on one of the existing standards update projects to see if he/she could forward your query to the "right" individual.

I think you better contact your local Chapter. They may know the right person.
Want to thank everyone for your suggestions. I've been contacted by someone within the Standards Group.



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