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Technology PM - Financial Tracking
Hi, Was wondering how other Tech PM's are tracking budget vs actuals with SaaS product rollouts?

Example: Are you putting licenses in the budget?
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Krystal -

This depends on the scope of the project and on the standards for tracking ongoing costs over a given time period once the product has been rolled out.

An implementation project might not include the initial subscription costs whereas a full sourcing and implementation project would.

If benefits and ongoing costs need to be tracked for some time beyond the initial implementation, those subscription costs might be included for that time period. For example, one of the companies I worked with wanted costs to be tracked for two years after implementations and considered as part of the business case for the project.


Licenses budgets are usually included but Kiron also raises a good point, the scope of the project you are tracking is key along with the WBS. You can then set your control accounts and establish your budget accordingly.

I would include the licenses cost, however, as Kiron mentioned, it depends.
From one of the nine fundamental principles of finance and accountancy; the preeminence of reality over appearance, it is highly recommended to add Licenses budgets.

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