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Handover/Knowledge Transfer Plan Needed
I have just started on a new job as Project Manager handling Oracle HRMS/Payroll for a big company. I am playing the middle man between this company and IBM who did the implementation. I have been asked to write up a hand-over plan for them. Can somebody give me a sample of such a plan (not necessarily for Oracle or HRMS). My team will take over the support from now on. Many thanks.
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Dear Anonymous, good luck in your new job. I don't have or know of a good hand-over plan. Wouldn't the implementation vendor, IBM in this case, be on the hook or at least able to help in this? I would have thought that such a hand-over plan would be in the SOW. Cheers. -- Mark Perry, VP of Customer Care, BOT International
Attached is a high level transition plan in MS Word format.

File attached.

I like the template. thanks.
Hi Mark, the file attached is more like a transition plan template, however, do you have anything that would specifically help one plan and manage the transfer of process knowledge?...which would probably be a subset of the entire transition process as such....?
First, I agree with Mark that IBM should be able to provide a great deal of info on this. Otherwise, I am not so sure this is so boilerplate!

Second, I think you should think about a small number of things real carefully:

1. What does the current support apparatus look like now. This is where the detailed info that IBM provides will come in handy. You should also make sure you proactively seek info to satisfy your understanding of the current support.
2. You need to devise a target in-house support apparatus. This will be the 'product of your project'. This will probably be different than what IBM is doing in a number of ways, and some hints for how it is different should be apparent in the reasons for the change. Make sure the 'to be' includes coverage for all support areas. You should be able to find some basic info to help with this from the project sponsor, and from those within your organization who have made the decision to transfer the support in-house from IBM.
3. You will then need to devise a plan for transitioning from the current IBM plan to the in-house support plan. Build bridges by mapping the current to the future target for each area, and think through how to make that happen.

Good luck!
I get access denied when i try to access the template.. can someone plz guide me?
I get also a 401.
I get access denied when i try to access the template.. can someone plz guide me?
Me too I get access denied when i try to access the template

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