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Project Management - Ranking and Importance of 14 Key Results Areas

Hi All, your expertise and support is kindly required on an ongoing research to answer a single survey question. The survey should take 1 minute to complete.

The survey focuses understanding the priority and importance of 14 Key Result Areas on projects as parts of the efforts amied at solving the challenges and difficulties associated with IT projects and gaining a detailed understanding the obstacles encountered. These 14 Key Results Areas are critical to the success of any project as they represent the set of different actions carried out during a project implementation lifecycle. They represent the key set of critical success factors that are absolutely essential to the success of a project.

Thanks for your interest and time.
Much appreciated!

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Interesting - I completed the survey. Can you please post the results when they are available. It will be interesting to see the overall ranking.

Thanks Rami. Indeed, I will post the results when its avaialble.


I submitted as well

Thanks Deepesh!

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