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Should SOP be considered private on an internal wiki that contractors have access to?

My client company is migrating to a new intranet-based wiki that employees as well as contractors will access. Should employee job instructions (Standard Operating Procedures aka "SOP") be considered private content only to be shared with those who need them to perform their job or be available to the entire organization (including contractors and interns)? These SOP include detailed steps to maintain database and application systems, service customers, and explanations of business rules.
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Can the contractors, interns and other people who don't need to know the SOP's contents possibly use the information to cause harm? If not, then you could make it generally available to the organization.

You have partly answered your question. "be considered private content only to be shared with those who need them to perform their job". Since these SOPs contain steps to maintain DB, customer service and business rules which look like sensitive info, it should be restricted to only those people who really need to work on these, irrespective of whether they are employees or contractors. If there are any contractors who doesn't need access to these, they shouldnt be given access.
In anyways, when companies employ contractors, they would be signing an agreement generally that they wouldnt misuse the access they are given and comply with the IP rights

One of the thoughts I've had is that while contractors (like me) do sign agreements to protect privacy, they also leave to (or concurrently) work for competitors. You can't ask someone to "unsee" procedures/processes/techniques. Is this risk high enough to consider SOP as intellectual property?

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