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Best pmp training apps and resources
Hi, I am looking for best training pmp apps and online training for PMP based on Pmbok6.please suggest.
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Online? Either "PMP Exam Prep" through RMC, or SimpliLearn or PM Prepcast. These are 3 good ones that I know.
RMC is ur best bet. At least this is my personal opinion.
I fully agree with my colleagues, RMC PMP prep book (9th edition is available now) and PM fastrack are great.
PMP Practice test 2018 edition, iPhone app is good.
The ones suggested are well known. Here is another which might be worth looking into -
I would recommend you to one of best online/app(iOS & Android) PMP preparation experience I had with eduhubspot and trainer (Varun). Good luck.
The best resoures for passing PMP exam are:
1) Read PMP handbook & PMP exam outline;
2) Read PMBOK last version cover to cover;
3) Read Rita book to understand all topics;
4) practice thousands questions, and the best websites are: PMSTUDY, PMPRECAST and applications on Udemy.
PMBOK, RMC, Andy Crowe, Joseph Phillips courses located on UDEMY were my resources. Good Luck
RMC, PMPrepcast
You can also try The mock exams on this site was very helpful for me.

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