PMXPO 2015

April 30th, 2015 | Online

PMXPO 2015 was the 8th edition of's annual virtual conference and exhibition--our biggest event yet. Featuring six sessions full of informed project management viewpoints from leading industry experts, led by our keynote featuring Adam Steltzner--the Lead Landing Engineer of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover Project!

Change Master, Are You?

by Michael Wood

Far too many project management professionals tend to be more task oriented than positive organizational change oriented. So what does it take to be a “Change Master”, to tame the two-edged sword of change?

An Agile Look at Change

by Andy Jordan

The alternative to embracing change doesn’t have to be completely rejecting it. Are there ways we can introduce more flexibility to waterfall projects without losing control of change? Can traditional project execution approaches learn anything from the agile approach to change?

The Project Manager as Change Manager

by Andy Jordan

The importance of change management is recognized, but if it will benefit large projects it must also follow that smaller projects--where dedicated resources aren’t supplied--will also benefit from the concept. That’s where project managers come in.


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