Portfolios, Programs & Projects: Oh My!

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

We need to be clear about what we are talking about in the context of alignment. And we need to be clear about what alignment actually gives us in the context of portfolio management. In other words, just what is the problem we are trying to solve here?

Aligning IT to Organizational Strategy: Not Exactly Rocket Science

by Michael Wood

If your organization is struggling with how to align IT and keep it aligned with the organization’s strategic direction, it could be that the CIO doesn’t know how. The process isn’t exactly rocket science. It does, however, require a top-down approach--and a CIO that thinks more like a business person than a technologist.

Putting the Business in IT Strategy

by Andy Jordan

For too many organizations, IT strategy has become an oxymoron--IT is simply a follower of business strategy. That results in lost opportunities--but those can be avoided if IT learns how to relate to the business.


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