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How can I enhance my leadership skills?

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Leadership and Stewardship: Is There a Connection?

by Michael Wood

Ever wonder why effective leaders almost always see themselves as stewards of something far bigger than themselves, a keeper of a sacred trust? There is a connection between leadership and stewardship that would-be leaders need to understand if they are to mature into someone who can lead people--and organizations--to success.

Achieving Project Manager Greatness

by Michael Wood

Knowing project management principles, tools and fundamentals is important, but many project managers who have mastered these things have failed. So what differentiates the good project managers from the great ones? Leadership, of course! Let's take a look at the qualities that can make you an even better PM...

Bullying at Work: An Ethical and Leadership Dilemma for all Project Managers

by Paul Pelletier, LL.B., PMP

Employers are becoming more acutely aware of the human, legal, ethical and financial costs associated with workplace bullying. In order to directly and proactively address this issue, project managers and their organizations need to take action. Learn about sources of information and tools available to assist in this endeavor along with a selection of proactive tips.

The Splintering of Leadership

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

In the business world, leadership can be splintered to varying degrees. At times, this works to the benefit of the organization--but it can also cause a great deal of confusion.

4 Vital Leadership Habits (and 1 Great Result)

by Rob Saxon

The concept of leadership can be very complicated, but for one PM it can be boiled down to a few core principles: care, understanding, service and protection. Keeping a close monitor of these behaviors can help you become a better leader of projects, programs and teams--and inspire many in the process.

Sponsor and PM: The Perfect Leadership Team?

by Andy Jordan

The sponsor and project manager should form a powerful leadership team that creates a positive environment. In reality, that often fails to occur--and the fault frequently lies with a “broken” relationship. Get some help in maximizing these roles.

The Trifocal Vision of Leadership

by Ian Whittingham, PMP

At the risk of appearing to add yet another fad to the pick-and-mix menu of leadership styles, this article looks at a fundamental leadership skill, one that all successful leaders practice--irrespective of which style they follow. And as it does not have a name, this writer is going to give this leadership skill an appropriately faddish title: Trifocal Vision.

How to Adapt Leadership for Evolving Teams

by Mike Griffiths

There is no exact science for people. Just as our project processes should be context-specific, so too should our team processes. Depending on whether your team is brand new, establishing itself or stable, the way we interact as managers and leaders should be tailored to fit the circumstances. Here are some pointers.

Sustaining Leadership

by Sam Alkhatib

A strong project manager is one who is willing to adapt his or her style to get the best results from his or her team. This article sheds light on possible leadership style combinations that might promote team harmony and success across the team development stages, resulting in sustained leadership.



"I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn't learn something from him."

- Galileo Galilei