Project Management

What skills do project managers need to be effective leaders?

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4 Vital Leadership Habits (and 1 Great Result)

by Rob Saxon

The concept of leadership can be very complicated, but for one PM it can be boiled down to a few core principles: care, understanding, service and protection. Keeping a close monitor of these behaviors can help you become a better leader of projects, programs and teams--and inspire many in the process.


from All Things PMO posted by Harlan Bridges on

I just read a post on LinkedIn titled "What Leadership Was And What It Has Become" refering to an article of the same title on Although it has some good points, it espouses ...

You Got to Have Style!

from PMO Bytes posted by Wai Mun Koo on

Throughout the years of running a PMO, I have come to learn that “your team is what you are made of”. There are various styles of leadership, and different people are attracted to and incl ...

Sustaining Leadership

by Sam Alkhatib

A strong project manager is one who is willing to adapt his or her style to get the best results from his or her team. This article sheds light on possible leadership style combinations that might promote team harmony and success across the team development stages, resulting in sustained leadership.



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