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Project HEADWAY: Enterprise & Project Risk: Separated At Birth?


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Risk comes in many flavours, shapes and sizes. So does risk management, at least on paper.

Risk management has been a significant dimension of project management for many decades, although it has evolved in recent years in the formality and attention that it receives. In recent years, the concept of enterprise risk management is also a concept that has received greater attention and focus. Particularly in the context of governance and strategic management, many public and private sector organizations are adopting enterprise risk management as significant toolset.

So how different is project risk management from enterprise risk management? What should organizations adopting enterprise risk management think and consider about their projects? What should project managers do differently when evaluating risk in an organization that is adopting (or has adopted) enterprise risk management? Are these separate and distinct concepts? Or do they coexist, collaborate or cohabit?

In this webinar, Mark Mullaly takes a deep dive into the ocean of risk, exploring the bodies of project risk management and enterprise risk management and whether or not they flow together or diverge. Whether you are a project manager, the PMO leader, an organizational executive or an enterprise risk officer, the probability of realizing value from this webinar is high, and the impact will be significant. Of this, we’re quite certain.

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