Project Management

Project HEADWAY: Management Buy-in Is Necessary, But Not Sufficient


Managing change is challenging at the best of times. Whether you are implementing project results or seeking overall transformation of organizational cultures or practices, you are asking people to do things in ways that are different from what they know, what is familiar to them and what they are used to. Even where what is being implemented is far superior, there is going to be resistance.

A frequent temptation in such situations is to default to the mantra of “senior management should just make them, and then they will have to do it.” Nice idea on paper. Never works in practice.

In gaining traction in any change, senior management support is required. But what that looks like, what is needed and what actually works is often far different than most people think. Yes there needs to be senior management buy-in, but there needs to be so much more if change is going to work.

If you manage change and struggle with how to get support and traction, this is a webinar that you won’t want to miss.

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