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Project HEADWAY: Building the Value Creating PMO


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The idea of Project Management Office has been around for some time now. Despite the near universal theoretical appeal, however, the track record of successful PMO implementation is still surprisingly low. Research supports the reality that the average life expectancy of a PMO is about two years. That's an incredibly short life to justify a comparatively large organizational investment.

That begs the question of what makes PMOs successful, and what can be done to extend their relevance and enhance their value. Where PMOs are successful, what do they do differently, and why? Most importantly, if you are commissioning, overseeing or responsible for the implementation of a PMO, what can you do to make sure that it delivers value?

In this presentation, Mark Mullaly dives deep into PMOs and the roles that they can and do play in organizations. He looks at the reasons that many feel, and explores the factors that do, occasionally, lead to success. If you work in a PMO, or for one, or are impacted by one in the projects that you manage, this is a presentation that you won't want to miss.

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