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Project HEADWAY: Delivering Bad News


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No one likes to do it. No one likes to receive it. But into everyone's life and work, a little bad news must fall.

Bad news is the information that no one likes to deliver. Fear of the wrath of the recipient is an entirely reasonable anxiety, but it doesn't displace the need to be able to communicate difficult information well. When people need to hear the truth, especially when the truth is uncomfortable or difficult, having the confidence and competence to make sure it is received, understood and can be acted upon is critical.

In this webinar, Mark explores the challenge of bad news and why delivering it is so uncomfortable. More importantly, he identifies strategies to craft difficult messages and deliver them confidently and well. If you have to deliver bad news (and what project manager doesn't at some point in their career) you'll want to attend this webinar. The good news is that you'll get insights you can take action on and use right away.

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