Project Management

Project HEADWAY: Practically Managing Less Conventional Projects

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Project management is a useful and universal framework for thinking about getting things done. The challenge is that it is most relevant—and most easily applied—in situations where there is a practical, tangible deliverable that can be clearly identified and planned.

Not all projects fit neatly into that box, however. Many projects are intangible. Some are about change, others about knowledge work and a few are about working to shift mindset and perspective. Successfully managing in the face of novel situations with low clarity can be difficult.

The good news is that there are strategies that you can employ. In this webinar, Mark explores how to take the essential principles of project management and apply them to just about any project, no matter how esoteric or unconventional. Join us and you'll learn practical techniques to adapt project management to virtually any situation that you might encounter. You will learn the techniques that work, where the limits lie in how to apply them, and what to do instead.

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