Project Management

Improving a Project Manager's Well-Being

A good project manager is told that they need to have perfect ratio of technical (or hard) skills and non-technical (or soft) skills. The soft skills are typically described as communication, leadership, stakeholder management, decision making, conflict resolution etc. The common element of that all these soft skills is that they are all outward facing. Wellbeing takes the opposite approach and requires a project manager to show the ultimate soft skill and look inward instead to make sure their levels of wellbeing are sufficient and being looked after. By looking after your own wellbeing, you can ensure you perform all the outward facing skills, whether they are technical or soft skills, to the best of your ability.  This presentation will show you practical tools for using your signature strengths to enhance your level of wellbeing so that you are prepared for all the challenges of your professional and personal life. It will draw on the science of positive psychology and cover topics of positivity, resilience, grit and authentic happiness.

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