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What Can Project Managers Learn from the Most Amazing Projects Launched by Kids?

Elisa Mansur, Boyan Slat, Gretta Thunderberg have launched some of the most impactful projects in the past decade; learn what is their secret. In this presentation, I will share some of the most amazing projects launched by kids and young professionals and explain what we can learn from them to become better project leaders. For example, we will look at 27-year-old Brazilian entrepreneur Elisa Mansur, whose start-up won the 2018 World Bank Youth Summit project competition. Recognizing the chronic shortage of nursery care in her home country that sees around two million infants and toddlers denied access to this critical start in their lives, Elisa, set up a network to provide community mothers with training, organization, daily schedules, and a rating system. In doing so, she established a process for improving early childhood education and created a brand new Brazilian job-market. And how about the impressive and ambitious project of 16-year-old Dutch Boyan Slat to clean up the ocean. The idea was born after his first scuba dive off the coast of Greece in 2010, were he saw more plastic than fishes. In 2013, he launched The Ocean Cleanup project, with just €300 in seed money, with the goal of removing 90 percent of marine plastic pollution by 2040.

The purpose of this webinar is to explain how younger generations are using the power of project to change our world, to make it a better place, and what can we learn from them to do our role as project leaders better. The key learning objectives are:

  • Learn about some of the most amazing and impactful projects launched by kids and young professionals 
  • What have they done to succeed?
  • Which of their techniques can we apply to our projects to excel?

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