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Business Requirements Gathering for Agile Projects

On Agile projects, requirements are susceptible to change as priorities shift and the customer or product owner discover additional needs or a new direction. Instead of requirements being collected in one lengthy document, they are distributed in the form of user stories and epics. In addition, the highest priorities can be condensed into a minimum viable product, or MVP, representing only what is needed to launch the product and nothing more.

Requirements gathering for Agile projects differs from other environments and carries its own challenges, including identifying all stakeholders, setting up frequent meetings, and more. User stories, epics, MVPs, and backlog grooming are all unique features of Agile requirements gathering. How do business analysts use these features and work within Agile projects to generate requirements iteratively?

In RefineM’s webinar, attendees will learn how to effectively gather business requirements on Agile projects. They will be exposed to techniques including brainstorming, focus groups, user story splitting, and many others. They will leave the webinar ready to gather business requirements on Agile projects.

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