Project Management

Better Project Outcomes by Communicating for Understanding

You may have heard that “90% of a project manager’s work is communication.” But, have you heard why communication is so important and what is good project management communication? In this webinar, the presenter explains why communication is no longer just the transfer of information and giving directives to project teams. Modern communication theory is based upon creating shared understanding – “the coordinated management of meaning.” The presenter gives practical tools and methods for creating understanding among your project team and stakeholders. With understanding comes better project task execution and more support from project sponsors, customers, and stakeholders.

Attendees will learn:
1. How to communicate for understanding instead of just giving information.
2. How the “Coordinated Management of Meaning” can help you develop and lead high-performing project teams.
3. Why the project manager is the communication hub and how you can better manage the flow of project communication.
4. Why project managers need to master both emotional intelligence and cultural intelligence when communicating with their project teams and stakeholders.
5. What cognitive biases are and how they are barriers to understanding.
6. How to effectively communicate online with a distributed workforce by being virtually “present.”

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