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The Agile Enterprise: An Agile View on Quality The role of QA and DevOps

Agile is often 'sold' as a way to improve quality of products and services. One of the fundamental Agile principles is that continuous attention to technical excellence, and good design enhances agility. Scrum, the most used Agile framework, doesn't have a "tester". A "done" backlog item should be part of a "shippable" increment of the product. Therefore, after each Sprint, the result should be available for users without a validation stage. The 'old' Testing or Quality Control (QC) is wrongly re-branded as QA for various reasons, from adding prestige to a mundane and, in theory, un-necessary activity to lack of understanding of the fact that QA, meaning Quality Assurance, is a process. The responsibility of the Project Manager and QC is only a QA component that is not mandatory. DevOps is one way of removing the QC step and making the developers accountable for quality. This webinar uses Lean Six Sigma tools within the DevOps framework to combine Agility with Process Improvement practices to improve efficiency and quality. 

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