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The Citizen Developer’s Role in Digital Transformation Projects

Join PMI, Pipefy, Toca, Kianda and Google for the second edition of the PMI Citizen Developer Partner Perspective where we bring you valuable insights, perspectives and experiences from leaders of the citizen development movement.

Moderating the session: The Citizen Developer’s Role in Digital Transformation Projects, is Dalibor Ninkovic, Manager of Citizen Developer at PMI. Dali will be giving our audience a short introduction into citizen development and the PMI Citizen Developer practice before jumping into speaker introductions.

Dali will be joined by low-code and no-code industry leaders Ananth Avva, President COO at Pipefy, Frank Weigel General Manager of Google Cloud’s Business Application Platform at Google, Frank Weigel GM for Google Appsheet. Mat Rule CEO and Founder at Toca and Derya Sousa, COO and Co- founder at Kianda.

The panel will discuss increasing digital demands and digital transformation projects, the important role the Project Manager plays in the success of these projects and how citizen development can have a positive impact on culture.

The second discussion topic will focus on using citizen development to bridge the digital skills gap and empower IT and non-IT professionals to create custom solutions, the guardrails that need to be in place to safely adopt citizen development and the increase in job satisfaction this technology can have on individuals.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of digital transformation projects within any organization and the essential role the project manager plays to deliver these projects successfully.

  • Learn why the need for hyper-agility within projects is paramount to keep up with digital demand and the positive impact this can have on the company culture.

  • Hear why Citizen Developer’s become a benefit to IT professionals by removing the repetitive and mundane tasks from their workload allowing these individuals to focus on the high-complexity and high-impact tasks that require their expertise.

  • Gain insights into why business professionals being upskilled as Citizen Developers can improve job enjoyment and satisfaction by empowering individuals to create their own digital solutions.

  • Understand the importance of necessary guardrails and governance structures to ensure you introduce and scale Citizen Development in a safe, controlled and compliant manner.


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