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Innovation Narratives and Leadership

Innovation narratives and leadership are at the heart of project organizing. The ‘narrative turn’ in innovation studies focuses attention on how the meaning of innovation is socially constructed through the use of narratives and stories (Bartel and Garud, 2009; Vaara et al., 2016). This presentation focuses on innovation narratives as important cultural mechanisms through which innovation can be sustained and promoted in organizations; these are important means for overcoming resistance to innovation and change in projects and organizations. Innovation narratives enable organizations to achieve a shared understanding among employees and to convince a client when bidding for innovative projects, and they can be promoted more widely (Ninan and Sergeeva, 2021; Sergeeva and Winch, 2021). Hence, leaders do need convincing narratives of innovation.

Managers construct narratives of innovation and ascribe themselves with informal roles such as leaders and champions of innovation (Sergeeva, 2016; Sergeeva and Green, 2019; Sergeeva and Liu, 2019). They are expected to create and communicate innovation narratives for both internal employees and stakeholders. The presentation discusses the crucial role of innovation leaders in stimulating and promoting innovations in projects and organizations. The processes of narrating and leading are connected and are important processes in project organizing. These processes are increasingly recognized as essential for successful delivery of projects/megaprojects that impact policy-making, strategizing, the economy and society as a whole. In this webinar, you will learn about Innovation narratives and leadership, and processes of leading and narrating. Key definitions and examples will be discussed. The presentation is based on longitudinal research studies in innovation and project management research.

The key outcomes of this webinar are:

  • Exploring what innovation narratives are and how these are created, communicated and promoted in project organizing
  • Learning about the impact of innovation narrative interactions at different levels
  • Learning about the nature and role of innovation leaders and their innovation narratives
  • Examining processes of narrating and leading in innovation process
  • Exploring visioning future innovation narratives

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