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Balanced Leadership

Leadership in projects is dynamic and alternates between actors. This presentation on the award-winning study of leadership reality in projects and its resulting theory of balanced and horizontal leadership outlines project-specific approaches to leadership. These include temporary appointments of horizontal leaders, as well as the dynamic assignment (i.e., the balancing) of leadership authority to the best possible leader in different situations. To that end, it outlines a framework including recently identified types of leadership and their situational contingencies. This includes the five events that make up horizontal leadership in projects. These are nomination of team members, identification of potential leaders, selection and empowerment of leaders, empowered leadership and its governance, as well as leadership transition. Moreover, the presentation addresses the coordination of these events through the socio-cognitive space, and the dynamic assignment of leadership authority to the best possible leader at a time, which is known as balanced leadership. 

The presentation is based one of the largest research studies ever done in project management, where ten country teams conducted about 300 interviews and about 60 case studies worldwide, backed up by 174 responses to a global validation questionnaire. The study was funded, among others, by the PMI Sponsored Research Program. 

After the webinar, attendees will:
-    Know about the difference between leadership approaches and leadership styles
-    Know about the dynamics of the relationship between leadership by the project manager and leadership by team members
-    Know about newly identified leadership approaches, such as horizontal leadership and balanced leadership
-    Distinguish between different leadership approaches, such as vertical, horizontal, shared/distributed and balanced leadership
-    Use the presented leadership approaches in their own projects to save time and effort by making best use of their team members’ leadership skills

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