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Leadership Maturity Framework: The Path to Leadership Development

Leading in VUCA world, leadership skills need to be refined and adjusted accordingly to new conditions. Current and future trends indicate complexity, accelerated change and near-constant uncertainty. During the industrial era, the leadership path was to evolve horizontally, meaning developing their hard and operational skills and being promoted to the next level. In the modern world, the evolution is vertical, meaning that emotional maturity, soft skills and global vision need to be evolved first.

In this presentation, we will discover the roots of switching from the "horizontal" to "vertical" model and different levels of this "vertical" model, such as the skill-centric level, the self-determining level, the self-questioning level and the self-actualizing level. This presentation is based on a Shu-Ha-Ri model, the Dunning -Kruger effect and Dr. Cook-Greuter's research.

Learning outcomes:

1. Difference between "horizontal" and "vertical" model of development
2. A framework for "vertical" development
3. How to apply a leadership maturity Framework to your personal development


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