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In the Digital Fray, Don’t Just Converse. Collaborate Inclusively.

With the move online, we could just begrudgingly endure the meetings and emails. Or, we could  honor diverse voices, build trust, inspire team cohesion, and drive astonishing impact. When we move from in-person work to virtual (or hybrid) work, our communication frequency, structure, participation, and even content change. At worst, we risk propagating unconscious bias. More benignly, we risk wasting time in misunderstandings, false-agreement, or rework. To address this, the Four Discussion Disciplines (4DDs - integrity, courtesy, inclusion and translation) are practices that teams can use on email, in meetings, or in posts. In this session Katrina Pugh (Columbia University, New York, NY) and Chivonne Algeo (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia) will discuss how to lead the 4DDs with your teams and across your organization. You will improve your team’s capacity for meaning-making and relationship-building.


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