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Citizen Developer Live: Understanding your Customer Through Citizen Development

Join PMI, Joget, and Allied Benefit Systems LLC for the second session of PMI Citizen Developer Live Webinar Series where we bring you real-life stories from leaders of the citizen development movement.

Moderating the session: Understanding your Customer Through Citizen Development, is Brooklyn Collins, Partner Engagement Specialist. Brooklyn will give our audience a short introduction to citizen development and the PMI Citizen Developer foundation course before jumping into speaker introductions.

Brooklyn will be joined by low-code and no-code business leader, Alex Dobson, GTM Consultant at Joget, and their customer Allison Swisher, VP of Operations at Allied Benefit Systems LLC.  The panel will be discussing a real-life case study regarding the role of citizen development when consolidating data, optimizing reporting and automation, and sharing their experiences through implementing low-code and no-code technologies to drive business goals.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the basics of citizen development as well as how it can impact workflow and business initiatives.
  • Learn from industry leaders and customers about how citizen development enabled their organization to optimize data, reporting, and automation.
  • Hear how citizen development can empower your workforce and assist team members in embracing new technologies.
  • Gain insights on how to best utilize citizen development to aid in your data consolidation projects.


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