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A Billion Dollar Project Health Framework (Part 4): An Executable Plan

This is in the fourth installment in an 8-part webinar series, A Billion Dollar Project Health Framework, presented by Uri Galimidi. The series covers an advanced yet practical framework which Project Managers can use to assess the health of their projects. The framework consists of eight key project management areas. This webinar covers An Executable Plan and will include:

·         A description of the key risk factors within the project management area

·         Guidelines for assessing when to raise the “Red Flag” for each risk factor

·         Guidelines on what to do with the Red Flag once you have it raised

·         Real-life case stories illustrating the risk factor and its impact on your project.

Reference the other webinars in the A Billion Dollar Project Health Framework series:

The Executive Sponsor

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Clear Objectives & Scope 

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