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Storytelling for Business

When it comes to making a meaningful connection with other people, nothing compares to your personal stories. Storytelling is a skill that empowers leaders to create common ground among teams, unleash the drive and passion of their people and share a vision for the future.

Accomplished leaders employ storytelling to improve interpersonal relationships, communicate strategy and build culture.  But how can you master telling compelling stories? Be heard, be remembered, and create the change you wish to see in your career with dynamic and inspiring storytelling.

Gallup’s Culture and Change Subject Matter Expert, Jake Herway, recently wrote that “Without the emotional connection to the work that comes from a personal purpose, the reality of an engaged corporate culture of ownership and shared responsibility never materializes.” Further, “Gallup research shows that just a 10% improvement in employees' connection with the mission or purpose of their organization leads to an 8.1% decrease in turnover and a 4.4% increase in profitability.”

Learning Outcomes:

  • Business audience: what stories do they want to hear
  • How to prepare in advance and adjust your presentation to your audience’s type
  • How to structure a narrative arc for maximum impact
  • How to deliver a story so it’s compelling
  • How to read your audience, pivot and adjust your story during the presentation


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"Work is what you do for others . . . art is what you do for yourself."

- Stephen Sondheim