Project Management

Data Analytics for Project Managers

Why data analytics is important for project managers, and how can project managers leverage the tools available to drive success on their projects?

  • Managers and executives can use data analytics tools to spot early symptoms of budget, cost, and timeline slippages and take corrective action.
  • Managers can use analytics to capture the velocity of work, making it easier to estimate whether a project will be completed on schedule.
  • Data analytics allow PMs to analyze project issues and risks to manage them better and minimize their impact on your processes and results.
  • This also helps develop the right methods and use the right tools to identify, analyze, prioritize, monitor potential issues, and create solid risk response strategies.
  • Managers are better equipped to handle projects that uses technologies like Power Platform, PowerBI, Qlik, Tableau and have deliverables in forms of Sales, Finance, Supply SCM, HR and other dashboards
  • A lot of Projects need a lot of extrapolations, so Data Analytics helps in forecasting the budget, project completion time and much more.

In this webinar, attendees will come away with insights on how to utilize data analytics tools and principles to increase project success.

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