Project Management

Anti-Corruption for Projects: Practical Insights and Solutions from the Construction Industry

This webinar will discuss the insights of PMI-commissioned research and showcase an anti-corruption toolkit that has been developed for project-based organizations. The toolkit provides useful suggestions on assessing and improving the organization's overall performance in tackling corruption.

The research analyzed the code of conduct and professional practice of 22 of the largest construction companies and found six main insights reported in the codes of conduct, namely:

  1. Most anti-corruption principles are only aspirational;
  2. Auditing and reporting are almost entirely internal;
  3. Whistle-blowers have their identities protected;
  4. Most CoCs prohibit any retaliation against whistle-blowers;
  5. A facilitation payment is sometimes tolerated;
  6. Lack of accountability for managers.

This webinar is professionally focused and based on research-informed results. It will provide attendees with the most relevant lessons from the research and equip them with the knowledge to improve their organization's anti-corruption strategy.

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