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Mapping Your Future: Aligning Career Planning with Personal Strategic Planning

The webinar "Mapping Your Future: Aligning Your Career Planning with Personal Strategic Planning" provides practical tips and strategies for aligning career aspirations with personal strategic plans. It highlights the importance of mindset and behaviours essential for career planning and development, common traits of successful project managers, and potential pitfalls they may face.
Personal strategic planning involves aligning goals, values, and resources to achieve long-term success and fulfillment. The webinar identifies critical elements of personal strategic planning, including clarifying personal values, prioritizing self-care, cultivating mindfulness and self-awareness, engaging in meaningful relationships, planning and setting goals, and focusing on career planning and continuous professional development.
The webinar encourages aspiring project managers and professionals to prioritize self-care, seek support, and engage in continuous learning and personal/professional development to achieve their desired outcomes. It emphasizes the importance of aligning career aspirations with personal strategic plans through adaptive learning, personalized planning and developing a growth mindset.

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