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Project HEADWAY: Managing Projects You Know Nothing About


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The polite title for this webinar might be “managing projects when you are not the SME.” While that might be one challenge, and it is certainly real, a slightly different one is taking on projects where what is being delivered is not only not in your wheelhouse, but it isn’t even normally something on your ship. 

The reality of managing something outside of our skill set is more common than a lot of people might think, or even give credit for. More to the point, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, there are circumstances where it can be a very good thing.

Stepping up to manage a project that doesn’t align with your past skills and experience is one of the most interesting challenges that you can face. There are ways to do it well, mindsets that can make you more successful and approaches that will allow you to survive and thrive along the way.

This webinar provides you with the guidance, the insight and the confidence to be able to take on new challenges in new subject areas, even ones you haven’t been exposed to before.

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