Project Management

Navigating Tomorrow: New Insights on the AI-Driven Project Management Revolution

In this webinar, we will present our latest research and findings of our global survey, featuring 772 responses, on the profound impact of AI on project management. Explore the transformative potential of AI, as recognized by an overwhelming 74.79% of experts, in revolutionizing project execution, decision-making, and strategic alignment. Discover how AI-based tools have led to remarkable improvements in project delivery for 41.06% of respondents. Learn about the urgent need to embrace new skills like data analysis and AI algorithm management, highlighted by 62% of experts. Explore the critical integration of sustainability considerations (82.86%) and championing diversity and inclusion (25.50%) in project management strategies. Ethical implications, voiced by 74.78% of experts, will be discussed, and how AI acts as a catalyst, driving innovation and propelling project management strategies for 65.13% of respondents. Join us to gain valuable insights and practical knowledge for harnessing the power of AI in project management success.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the transformative potential of AI in enhancing project execution, decision-making, and strategic alignment, as supported by an overwhelming majority of experts.
  • Identify the key benefits of embracing AI-based tools and techniques, leading to mind-blowing improvements in project delivery, according to 41.06% of survey respondents.
  • To stay ahead in the field, recognize the essential skills needed to navigate the AI-driven project management landscape, such as data analysis, AI algorithm management, and sustainable integration.

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