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Project HEADWAY: Project Management for the Startup Organization


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Managing projects in a well-established organization is one thing. Even then, the level of formality, rigor and structure associated with project management can very.

It is an altogether different task to think about project management in the context of a startup. Not only do startups face very different strategic challenges, but their approach and orientation to process is very different. The nimbleness and adaptability that is inherent in startup culture also shifts expectations around how to think about managing projects.

Project management can still be relevant in a startup environment. What it looks like and how it is approached will be different. The mindset and expectations need to shift, and how process—and even projects—are thought about needs to change. For the startup that wants to successfully deliver and deliberately adapt, project management done correctly can provide a great deal of value.

This webinar explores how to think about project management different in a startup, and how startups can effectively employ project management practices in a way that make sense. If you are involved in or contemplating working for a start-up—or you need a more adaptive approach in your current organization—this is a presentation you will want to attend.

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