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Bleeding Edge PM - How to Manage web3 Projects

“That’s so Web 2.0!” my new boss joked as I started drafting my first project charter and trying to get my head around my role. Blockchain and web3 were new concepts to me, but I know Project Management. This company hired me to help their team learn Agile principles and start delivering their work on a more sprint-like cadence.

The evolution of the web has meant a considerable shift in how tools are developed, how teams work, and how the projects are managed. The days of waterfall are long over, and the stringent rules of Scrum and Kanban don’t necessarily apply either. For a team working in the collaborative web3 space, we needed something new.

In this talk, I will explain my approach to managing teams and projects in the web3 universe. I’ll explain how deeply ‘iterative development’ has impacted the teams, but also the planning process. Buckle up!


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"Bad artists always admire each other's work."

- Oscar Wilde