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Destination Imagination and AI: How Project Mangement and AI are Building a Brighter Future

According to recent reports, Generative AI will have a drastic impact on not only what we work on, but how we work together – especially when it comes to project management. In fact, according to the 2023 PMI Annual Global Survey on Project Management, the top three ways project managers use AI are reporting (34%), decision support (33%), and communication (26%). So, what does this mean for the next generation and how can we help prepare them for the impact of AI on their personal and academic lives?

Destination Imagination, a project-based student driven STEM program and partner of the PMI Educational Foundation, is focused on creating competitions that encourage students to think out of the box to solve the problems of tomorrow, today. Over the last few years, the organization has launched many compettions, including one with Lumen focused on how students could use AI to solve the problems of tomorrow.

Listen in as Johnny Wells, Director of Education for Destination Imagination and Kris Beisel, Director of Educational Alliances and Project Training, share :

  • About the Destination Imagination program and how DI enables students to thrive in a project-based environment through their competitions.
  • The impact and results of the Lumen Generative AI competition and how students used AI to help solve project-based issues, including sustainability and social impact issues.
  • How the PMIEF and the Destination Imagination partnership has impacted the organization, as well as youth curriculum, furthering impact in the lives of youth through project management.

The next steps Destination Imagination is taking to help support youth learning how to work with AI, while gaining a project management skillset, and how you can help.


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