Project Management

Brainstorming with AI Tools

Today’s AI tools can be as effective as any human partner in providing a different perspective and great ideas that fit well with your own or your team’s. However, you really need to know how to talk to it – to bring the tool into the conversation productively. In this webinar we will explore using both ChatGPT and a task-specific AI Meeting tool to brainstorm. We will cover challenges and insights in conversation with regular users of these tools - then engage the audience to better understand their experiences.

Learning outcomes:

  • An understanding of exciting new AI tool capabilities related to brainstorming
  • Real-world adoption tips and tricks from experienced peers
  • Real-world challenges to watch out for and ways to mitigate risk
  • The ability to more easily move forward with using the types of tools to increase your productivity and shift your focus to higher-level project challenges

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