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Global Project Management Job Trends: Insights for 2024

The PMI Global Project Management Jobs Trends 2024 Report identifies employment trends that stand out based on their regional impact and the implications across the world. During this session, we will provide a deeper insight into the 2024 report, focusing on the emerging global and regional trends impacting project talent so that project professionals can identify career opportunities across different industries around the world.

In this webinar, PMI Thought Leadership Manager, Jill Diffendal, will share themes and trends from the recent PMI Global Project Management Jobs Trends report. She will be joined by PMI Managing Directors, Karla Eidem, North America; George Asamani, Sub-Saharan Africa; and SoHyun Kang, Asia Pacific who will share what they're hearing from organizations in their region on needs for project talent and provide a deeper look at localized opportunities.

Learning Outcomes

Identify trending areas of skill development for project professionals.

Identify areas of labor and skill shortages.

Identify trends in the global and regional labor market and areas of potential employment opportunity across different industries.


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