Project Management

PMO Setup Project Plan (Basic WBS)


Topics: PMO, Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)

This plan will help an organization:

  • Establish a PMO in alignment with the strategic IT plan
  • Institute a portfolio management approach to better manage various IT projects
  • Define project management methodologies, forms/reports, tools, etc.
  • Staff the PMO with the right resources and train them if needed


This plan includes steps for:

  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Detailed Planning
  • Define Methodology
  • Project Management Tools
  • Training
  • Make It Happen
  • Maintain PMO

Activity List

Strategic Planning

Feasibility Study

Define Goals and Prepare Charter

Define Success Criteria/Metrics

Management Approval

Detailed Planning

Resource Planning

Define Roles and Responsibilities

Develop Organization Structure

Identify and Establish Staff

Identify Location/Equipment/Other Requirements

Develop Communications and Integration Strategies

Establish Project Criteria/Review/Prioritization

Define Methodology

Define Management Processes

Define Tracking Methods

Define Issue Management and Resolution

Define Escalation Processes

Define Jeopardy Processes

Status Reporting Processes

Develop Forms and Reports

Project Management Tools

Identify and Document Requirements

Evaluate Tools Available

Procure Tools


Analyze Need

Identify Training Solutions

Plan Training

Conduct/Impart Training

Make It Happen

"Recalibrate Goals, Scope, and Resources"

Setup infrastructure

Build Team

Implement Processes

Maintain PMO

Manage Projects

Manage Resources

Monitor Progress

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