Project Management


October 28, 2020 12:00 PM EDT (UTC-4)

Platform: WebEx
Capacity: 2000
Duration: 60 min

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This session is intended for engagement and knowledge exchange.  It is not a PDU-eligible activity.

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Join three of our Center Stage podcast guests for a provocative dialogue on how knowledge coupled with unlearning enable innovation.  Guest Larry Prusak ( highlighted the true competitive edge of knowledge, “When you have a project team, it matters far less what an individual knows. It matters greatly what the team knows.”  Does this threaten the value of a project manager?  Both Larry and guest Barry O’Reilly ( caution against knowledge becoming stale.  Larry says, “Refresh the knowledge you have. Always be open. Always be learning.”  But Barry believes you may have to throw some of what you know in the trash:  "It’s…the inability to unlearn existing mindsets and behaviors that were effective in the past but now are maybe limiting your success." What does this mean for adhering to methodologies when faced with uncertain requirements, divergent stakeholders and evolving delivery methods?  As Peter Temes ( points out, there is often a tension between managing for efficiency and managing for discovery. Does managing for efficiency hold you back from finding innovative ways of working?

This is your forum for asking questions, reacting to our guests’ podcasts and sharing your own experiences.  Through engagement:

  • Further explore the concepts of knowledge, unlearning and innovation through a “future of work” lens.
  • Explore the implications of these concepts for project work, project teams and project leaders.
  • Consider how these concepts apply to how you will make reality through projects in the future.

You can listen to each of the podcasts at:  We encourage you to subscribe to the podcasts via your favorite streaming service (e.g., iTunes podcasts, Spotify, etc.).

We are glad to have PMI member and volunteer Tammy Ashraf as our new Podcast Club moderator.

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