Project Management

Beginning at the End: Requirements Gathering Lessons from a Flowchart Junkie

By Cari Stieglitz, PMP

[This Article Provided Courtesy of PMI]

This flowchart junkie has increased project success through an emphasis on approaching requirements gathering from a list-to-visual process. The forward pass in the visual process flow establishes the basics--what steps are taken during an action. The backward pass is much like asking a person to recite the alphabet backward. The customer is forced to consider each step individually, without jumping to the next item in the memory line. When they are focusing on that one step, critical information can be discovered. This paper will be able to tangibly show how the process affiliated with the requirement was improved, and how the same diagram can be used to verify that requirements were completed; the efforts for following this process also lead to better post-project ROI, training and documentation.

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