Project Management

The Case for an Executive Project Management Office for the Intelligence Community

By PMI Tallahassee, Florida Chapter

The Intelligence Community (IC) is an enormous, departmentally diverse community in numerous agencies, and covers a large range of individual intelligence efforts. Both law enforcement and the military rely on and make up part of the IC. Though the efforts are continuous and cyclical, there are numerous one time activities that are not replicable, and are designed to answer specific questions for policy makers and other consumers of intelligence.

Visualize all terrorism cases, intelligence collection efforts, foreign collection efforts, counter-narcotics intelligence, and any other intelligence product being viewed by the IC as a project, organized as such, and an IC PMO then monitored them all from origination to completion, cross-loading resources to ensure the right experts were leveraged where they were needed most, controlled information flow to ensure all stakeholders were kept informed, and connected disparate dots to align efforts among similar projects. The sum effect of such an IC PMO may prove invaluable when trying to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the IC.

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